Hi, I'm Stasia

and I like to make stuff

All about me

I’m based in Vancouver, British Columbia

I studied Fine Art at Wits, majoring in Painting and Photography

I interned at Saatchi & Saatchi

I took 2 gap years, one before and one after varsity

I studied Media Design & Technology (which is a fancy way of saying Graphic Design)

I’ve been working as a full-time graphic and web designer for over 6 years now

I read a lot of books and graphic novels

I love creating videos for my YouTube channel


Q: Why is it called Alot?

A: Well first off, it’s because you get a lot! I do so many fun, crafty and artsy things, that I wanted the name of my website and blog to reflect that. How I came up with it is that, I took the first letter from my name and the first few letters of my surname and came up with ALout, then I took out the u to make it Alot 🙂 I guess Alout could be my business name in France 😀

Free Christmas Printables – Gift Tags, Calendar & Christmas Lists

I'm so excited for Christmas! Every year I'm like a little kid that counts the sleeps until the big day. I love baking gingerbread cookies, getting the tree decorated and buying or making gifts for everyone that I know and love. But the one thing that always bothered...
webcomic copywriting

Comic – Copywriting

What's the difference between what they tell you copywriting will be like and what it's really all about? Written from the heart by: Dasia Lutova of @ThatDasia and Dasia has a Blog Art By: Stasia Lutova (that's me) aka @majinchloe on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr ---...
speed drawing cupid valentines day

Speed Drawing Cupid (Video)

Yay, the speed drawing videos are back! And there are more coming this month, so if you're interested in watching me draw at super speed, make sure to subscribe to me on YouTube 🙂 This week, since we're all still in the Valentine's sprit, I hope you enjoy this quick...
sketches of 2015

Flashback Friday Part 2 – 2015 in Sketches

Last week I shared my sketches, doodles, drawings and designs from the deep dark past of 2006. Those were wild times: cellphones had buttons, following someone was considered a crime not a desirable occurrence and singers wore pants on stage. If you missed it, read it...

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