No, your eyes have not deceived you, this is me, posting on my blog! What a concept ;P

I stopped posting for a while because life happened, and I was debating whether I should just delete everything and forget about Alot Designs… But then I thought that I would rather just start over. So this is me starting over 🙂

I have this thing about art, this love/hate thing that started when I was in Art School. I had always just drawn whatever I felt like, and didn’t think much about what the end result would be. And then I went to Art School, and the critiques happened, and my enjoyment and my self confidence about my artistic ability went out the window.

I’m glad I went to University, it taught me a lot of good things, and I grew up quite a bit there. But it left me with this bad taste in my mouth when it came to creating art or drawing. Drawing had always been my escape, a very private thing that I did and shared with only those closest to me. So to have that precious part of my life (for lack of a better word) tainted by constant criticism and grading, made me turn away from it for a while.

I ended up picking up a lot of crafts, crochet and clay being a couple. And I wrote that romance novel, too. And I love all of my hobbies. I’m a serial hobbyist, I’ve discovered. It’s always fun to learn new things about yourself.

So anyway, even though I’ve gotten much better about drawing and not thinking about how “good” it will be and whether it will ever be “good enough”, I still have that little voice in the back of my head whenever I draw:

“Should I show this to people?”

“Can I post this on Instagram?”

“I should draw this thing, but I should film myself drawing this thing. And then put it on YouTube and then…”

You get the idea.

So lately I’ve been getting that urge to create. To make things. And yes, to show the things I create to the world. I don’t know why that last part is so important, but it is.

But I was, um… let’s say I was apprehensive, about starting from scratch. Sometimes a blank page is so intimidating. So I started to colour, or color if you’re American*. And then I made a couple of videos of me using different mediums to color pages out of a coloring book, and I had so much freaking fun doing it 🙂

I find that starting from a page already designed and ready feels freeing to me, and I can create with a minimal amount of nagging from the voice in my head.

Here are the new videos of me coloring, I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed creating them. I want to make more, and post more here and on Instagram.



This one is actually not strictly coloring, it’s from an awesome book that my sister gave me for a present a few years ago, which has a prompt on every page for you to interpret and draw.


The coloring book that I have can be found here if you are interested.

And the art prompt book is this one right here. 

I enjoyed this so much that I decided to get myself a new coloring book (this one actually belongs to my mom!) and I am BEYOND EXCITED for when I get to use it!

Thank you so much for reading my rambles! Till next time <3



*I’ve used the American spelling in my videos and posts because my analytics show that that is where my audience is. Please excuse me if I lapse into spelling it the correct way.


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