So if you know me at all then you know that I’m a bit of a nail fanatic! And if you know me even better then you know that I love anything natural and DIY. Hence this DIY Cuticle and Nail Oil tutorial 🙂

I don’t know if I have a preference towards long or short nails, it really depends what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I love having cute short little nails, and sometimes I’m all about those long, beautiful, elegant nails. And even though I have tried gel polish and acrylic nails in the past (I have the LED lamp to prove it!), I really think that there is nothing like having long natural nails. That’s the ultimate DIY project isn’t it? Growing your nails out!

I personally don’t really have a problem with growing my nails, it seems like I cut them and while I’m not looking they’re suddenly long again! But I do have a problem with keeping my hands and my cuticles moisturised, which in turn helps keep my long nails from being brittle and breaking.

So if you want to learn my recipe for a super easy DIY natural cuticle oil that you probably already have the ingredients for, just watch this video for step by step instructions:


  • 1 heaped ts Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 ts Castor Oil
  • 1 Vitamin E soft cap


  1. Put the coconut oil into a small ramekin and place it in the microwave for a few seconds until it’s fully melted.
  2. Add the castor oil
  3. Pierce the soft cap and squeeze out the contents into the mixture
  4. Stir everything until it’s all combined
  5. Use a syringe to transfer the oil into an empty nail polish bottle

How to use the oil

Paint it on your cuticles and nails and then massage it into each finger until it is mostly absorbed.

You can use this DIY oil as much or as little as you like. I recommend that if your hands are more on the dry side, use once or more per day.

If you paint your nails regularly, use it after you take off your old polish and before you paint your nails with the new colour. Then use daily or every other day on just the cuticles.

Using this oil (or any cuticle oil) will help keep your cuticles moisturised and in-turn help your nails grow long and strong! I like to keep it on my night stand and massage it into my nails and cuticles every night before bed.

A little note here about the consistency of the oil: If you use the solid coconut oil like I did, and you keep the oil bottle in a cool place, it may solidify again. If this happens, don’t worry, you can either just use it that way, or you can dunk the bottle in warm water for a minute or two until it melts again. I would NOT recommend microwaving it again, just for safety reasons! But if you do choose to microwave it, be sure to remove the plastic brush and any labels on the bottle, and microwave in 5 second intervals 🙂 Safety first!

I hope you enjoyed this little beauty DIY! Let me know your thoughts in the comments here or on YouTube! I have another nail related video and blog post coming your way soon 🙂

Until next time <3

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