In my quest to get better at digital painting and drawing, I decided that it would be a helpful exercise to draw some portraits. But who to draw? I decided the best place to start would be to do a series of drawings of my favourite YouTubers!  If you watch YouTube then you probably know who Jenna Marbles is, but in case you don’t, she is a very cool young woman making excellently funny videos. You can check out her channel here. She was the first person I subscribed to on YouTube and I really respect her as a creator. I think she is one of the major reasons I started thinking about making videos myself. So I hope that you enjoy this “fanart”, even though it’s really just a portrait 😀 Well I suppose that I am a fan, and this is art so…

Watch the video of me drawing Jenna here.

This video is a little different, because I cut straight to the “inking” stage and skip through all the sketching. I just felt that it was a super long video with the sketching included, so I thought I would cut it out and skip straight to the good stuff. The hardest thing about this digital painting was capturing the likeness. I think I had it somewhere in the beginning but then I just fidgeted with it too much and ended up losing it. Which is super annoying, because I really wanted to do Jenna justice. I went with a simplified cartoon or comic book style but I still wanted her to be recognisable. Unfortunately I think I failed…

But on the positive side, I think the idea of creating a collage of all her hairstyles was winning. I like how that sort of shows her personality, maybe more than the actual portrait. And I explored a lot of different digital painting techniques in this one, which is always fun. All in all I think it’s an okay piece. Maybe I can draw her again, perhaps in a more traditional media, to really try and create a proper likeness.

Here is the final product:

speed drawing illustration

I hope you all enjoyed this time-lapse digital painting. Next week I will carry on the fanart theme, but I will revisit my first love of drawing in a traditional media. If you have any suggestions for me about what to draw next, do leave them in the comments or send me a mail 🙂


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