I made a new video! I drew a bunch of expressions or emotions on one character. These are just quick sketches to practice exaggeration and movement in my style of drawing. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the video:

So this is a bit of different drawing video for me. I’m trying to keep things interesting and not just post the same speed paints over and over! And speed paints are awesome, I love them, but just for some diversity I thought I would do a more sketchy video. Sketching is usually the most interesting part for me anyway!

And the other new thing I tried is having a little intro in the beginning with a voiceover. I think it turned out okay, but I am so not a professional! I want my videos to be as entertaining and engaging as possible, so I thought the little personal touch of me talking would be nice. But what an experience! I don’t have a microphone, so I tried all my devices and a bunch of apps and experimented with editing the clips afterward. That’s not even mentioning my obvious lack of acting ability! I’m just so used to thinking about the visual aspect of things that the audio struggle was real! Haha!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it despite my annoying voice, here is the final character sheet:

practice drawing expressions emotions photoshop



Drawing Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6 http://amzn.to/1KUbtft (affiliate)
Drawing Tablet: Wacom Intuos Manga http://amzn.to/1Qn02JY (affiliate)

Until next time <3

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