Who’s looking forward to the new year? I know I am! Mostly because I love getting new stationary in January. New diaries and notebooks and pens oh my! For me that was the best part of starting a new grade at school. I have always loved paper and pens and fresh, clean, empty notebooks; but this year my love of all things stationary has combined with my love of being organised and evolved into an all out planner obsession! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about here is my Pinterest board on the subject.

The idea of having a cute, colourful and most importantly, organised planner or diary in my life has really taken hold. But once again I came up short when I looked for colourful planners that I could buy locally at a reasonable price. So I decided to create my own and of course share it 🙂

free planner printables rainbow daily planner weekly planner


Printables for Traveller’s Notebook

I created a DIY traveller’s notebook from this tutorial, and designed these inserts to go into it. Instead of the passport size in the video I made mine a standard A5 size. There is a yearly overview for 2016, a monthly view, a weekly view and a daily view. All of them (except the yearly view) are undated so that you can print as many as you want and fill in the dates as you go. The double page spread makes it easier to fold the page in half and insert it into your traveller’s notebook.

These are a double page spread that fits on A4 paper

Printables for Ring-bound Planner

After I’d done this, I then realised that I had a ring-bound planner lying around from a couple of years ago that was still in great condition. So I decided to alter the design slightly to make sure it fits perfectly when printed for a ring-bound planner.

These are a single page spread that fits 2 pages on 1 sheet of A4 paper

Printing Tip: Choose “Multiple” then under “Pages per sheet” choose 2 pages on 1 sheet.

Printable Stickers

I created these designs with the idea that they are colourful, bright and cheerful by default. But if you feel like it, you can step it up a notch and decorate with these cute stickers! You can print them on sticker paper or just print them on regular paper and stick them in your diary with glue (that’s what I’m going to do!).

This is a single A4 page

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy these printables and they help you stay organised in the new year. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share this post with your stationary obsessed friends and family!

Some notes:

  • The printables are in PDF format, so you need to have Adobe Reader in order to open them.
  • Make sure to choose “Fit” or “Shrink oversized pages” when printing so you don’t cut off the designs.
  • These designs are A4 size (for the double page spreads) and A5 size (for the single pages) but can be sized up or down depending on your preference.
  • You are welcome to use these printables for your own personal use but please do not resell the design or any products you may make from the design.

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