So I did Inktober this year. And I also challenged myself to film and create a video and post it every day on my Instagram. It was epic! I then combined the videos from the whole week into one long video for YouTube.

Here they are in order of weeks.


Week 1

I started off on October first and thought I would maybe do some Inktober sketches and see how it goes. Then as I got going I decided to post every day. I also realised half way through the week that there are actually daily prompts for Inktober, so I started following the prompts on day five I think.

My favourite drawing this week: The Mermaid! Love love love this one!

My least favourite drawing this week: The lonely girl digital drawing. I am so sorry for your eyeballs.


Week 2

I was starting to feel it a little in week 2, and I came close to skipping a day, but I didn’t!

My favourite drawing this week: The World’s Only Working Rat Sanctuary inspired by a John Finnemore Sketch. This took so long but I absolutely love how it turned out!

My least favourite drawing this week: The running man. I had no time and I was very tired but I wanted to post something so yeah. Not my best work.


Week 3

This was a good drawing week, I think all the drawings are perfectly presentable. I was feeling good about what I was posting but drawing and filming every day was becoming more and more of a chore.

My favourite drawing this week: It’s a toss up between the Waterfall Girl and the Underwater Mermaid. I think they both turned out great, and I like the way I sketched in watercolour pencil with inks on top.

My least favourite drawing this week: The standing cat. Not the worst but just lacklustre compared to the others.


Week 4

I was feeling a little bit like I didn’t know why I was doing this. And I think I skipped a day or two here. I had no time to film in my study since I use natural light, so I did a lot of digital art this week.

My favourite drawing this week: The Kiss <3 I’m really partial to this one, I think it’s a good drawing but every time I look at it it makes me happy, so it’s my fave.

My least favourite drawing this week: The falling guy. Oi. Again, I’m so sorry for your eyes. I don’t know what happened with the anatomy here. Poor guy, not only is he falling but he looks like he’s already broken.


Final Thoughts

I think I learned a lot from this exercise. I enjoyed drawing so much and editing the videos was very satisfying, but unfortunately time management was an issue. If I do Inktober next year, I think I will try to:

  • Plan ahead
  • Not film every drawing
  • Have an overarching theme for the drawings
  • Do all the drawings in the same medium, size or style for an aesthetic consistency

Thank you to everyone who watched my videos, liked, commented or subscribed to me during Inktober!

Until next time <3

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