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I like to draw, paint and color. Watch videos of my process, get a sneak peak into my sketchbook and have a look through the archives of my webcomic.


I’m so crafty, in the best way! I love to make things, especially small things with my hands like polymer clay charms. Have a look at my charm updates and maybe pick up a free printable or two!


Why not do it yourself, am I right? I love when I can create something special out of something old or conjure up my own formula for nail and cuticle oil!

About Me

I’m a graphic designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia and I love to create things. This blog is where I share my fun hobby projects whether it’s drawing, colouring or painting as well all sorts of crafts and DIYs.

speed drawing illustration video

Speed Drawing of Bubblegum Girl Illustration (Video)

New drawing video! This is a really fun illustration of a girl blowing a big bubblegum bubble, and I have nicknamed her Bubbles 😀 Hope you all enjoy this video of me drawing super fast thanks to technology!     The program I use to draw in is Photoshop CS6, the...
comic no internet means hilarity ensues webcomic

Comic – What to do when the internet is down

It really sucks when the internet is down... Here are some fun and easy activities you can do when there is no internet! A comic for the digital age. Written By: Dasia Lutova of @ThatDasia and Dasia has a Blog Art By: Stasia Lutova (that's me) aka @majinchloe on...

Get Organised in 2016 – FREE Planner Printables

Who's looking forward to the new year? I know I am! Mostly because I love getting new stationary in January. New diaries and notebooks and pens oh my! For me that was the best part of starting a new grade at school. I have always loved paper and pens and fresh, clean,...

Online Shop Opening Sale!

I've been teasing about this on Instagram for a couple of days now haha! And it's here! Are you ready for the big announcement? Well I suppose you've already guessed what it is, but here goes: I've opened an online shop on my website! And I'm celebrating this grand...
speed drawing cupid valentines day

Speed Drawing Cupid (Video)

Yay, the speed drawing videos are back! And there are more coming this month, so if you're interested in watching me draw at super speed, make sure to subscribe to me on YouTube 🙂 This week, since we're all still in the Valentine's sprit, I hope you enjoy this quick...
free printable colouring page

Free Printable Colouring Pages | Flowers

It's been a hot minute since I've made any freebies for all you beautiful people! So today I'm going to give you a lovely free printable of a couple of colouring pages with flowers! Hope you all enjoy!   I remember a few years ago, I discovered a book called Coloring...
webcomic hobos share their stories

Comic – Hobo Stories

Ever thought about the story behind the hobo? Is this what happens when you want to follow your dreams?! Written By: Dasia Lutova of @ThatDasia and Dasia has a Blog Art By: Stasia Lutova (that's me) aka @majinchloe on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr --- Being a creative...

Self Portrait Photoshop Painting (Video)

I've been experimenting with a bunch of different software and techniques for digital painting lately, so I thought I'd make a video about some of those experiments. I needed a new profile picture anyway! Hope you enjoy 🙂 I used my trusty Photoshop CS6 and Wacom...
illustration speed drawing

Speed Drawing Mermaid Illustration (Video)

I am so excited for this one, because today I'm talking about my absolute favourite thing to draw... Mermaids! I loooooove mermaids! Cats and mermaids, those are my two things 😀 So I hope you enjoy this super fast video of me drawing my favourite mythical creature....
speed drawing illustration

Digital Painting of Jenna Marbles Fanart (Video)

In my quest to get better at digital painting and drawing, I decided that it would be a helpful exercise to draw some portraits. But who to draw? I decided the best place to start would be to do a series of drawings of my favourite YouTubers!  If you watch YouTube...

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