New drawing video! This is a really fun illustration of a girl blowing a big bubblegum bubble, and I have nicknamed her Bubbles 😀 Hope you all enjoy this video of me drawing super fast thanks to technology!



The program I use to draw in is Photoshop CS6, the drawing tablet is a Wacom Intuos Manga. I use Quicktime to record my screen and iMovie to edit the video.

The process in this illustration is pretty similar to the last video I did, I started with a rough sketch in a light colour, which I just freehanded straight in Photoshop. Then I “inked” over that sketch to create more finished line art. Then I blocked in the flat colours by selecting large areas and then filling them in with the bucket tool. Then I masked out each block of colour on a separate layer and added the shading. I then added the background and finishing touches.

The most difficult part of this process for me was the actual bubblegum bubble! As you can see in the video I tried many things before I actually settled on the final look!

I really like how this illustration came out, I like the colour pallette and the overall look of the piece. My favourite part is her expression! I’m not too crazy about the composition though, and I really should stop cheating and just draw some proper hands!

Here is the final illustration:

speed drawing illustration video

Hope you all enjoyed watching the video! I am open to suggestions as to what to draw next, so please comment below or send me a message through social media! And it would make my day if you subscribed to my YouTube channel 🙂 See you next week for some more artsy and crafty goodness.


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