I finally finished a sketchbook, what?! If you draw then you know the struggle of filling a sketchbook from front to back! I think I actually have a post on this blog with pictures from this sketchbook from back in the day. Woops! But the end of the year was approaching, and I saw that I only had a few pages left to finish this one off.

I haven’t really been drawing much since Inktober, so I decided to challenge myself to draw more in  December. I wanted to sketch, not create finished art, and I wanted to have the freedom of drawing from my imagination or from reference. So that’s exactly what I did. And without the pressure of a challenge or a deadline, it felt great to fill up my sketchbook.

Sketchbook Scrapbook


I had a bunch of other sketches scattered here and there, so I decided to stick in pages from other sketchbooks so that all my sketches would be in the same place. I also went back and filled in some blank pages. You can see this especially in the beginning where I did some brush lettering next of the same word or phrase that I did in 2015.

This sketchbook is 3 years old, and it’s not that big, so I haven’t been sketching much for the past 3 years. I’m hoping to change in 2018. Hopefully I can do another sketchbook tour at the beginning of 2019 with all my sketches from this year!

Last year I learned a technique where you fill in your sketchbook non-chronologically, so you open on a random page and draw. But it’s interesting for me to look back and see that I go through phases, like hand lettering, or comics or character design. I also switch up my materials a lot, so I sketch in pencil, colour pencil, marker or pen depending on what I feel like picking up that day. It makes for a really varied book in the end!

My sketchbook really is like a visual diary, and I like looking through and remembering what I was interested in and what I was feeling when I was drawing. I hope you enjoy this little peak into my brain!

Here’s to reaching all the goals in 2018!

Until next time <3

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