Yay, the speed drawing videos are back! And there are more coming this month, so if you’re interested in watching me draw at super speed, make sure to subscribe to me on YouTube 🙂

This week, since we’re all still in the Valentine’s sprit, I hope you enjoy this quick sketch of a cupid drawing an arrow, ready to shoot it straight into you! Hahaha!


I went a slightly different way for this digital drawing, trying to see what Clip Studio Paint Pro (aka Manga Studio X5) can really do with it’s paint mixing effect. I’ve tried it on a few of my web comics, but I find that these painting tools can be a little unpredictable. Which is why you see me doing and then re-doing several steps in the video! I find this slightly frustrating when it comes to this program, which is why I don’t use it often. Maybe I’m just inexperienced in it, I don’t know! But somehow the final product is always nice, if not exactly what I originally intended it to be!

If you draw digitally I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so drop me a line if you want to debate the best drawing program for digital painting and drawing 😀

Here is the final product:

speed drawing cupid valentines day

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day full of love! Self love, bae love, friendship love, family love and every other kind of love!

See you later this week for another drawing video!

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