I am so excited for this one, because today I’m talking about my absolute favourite thing to draw… Mermaids! I loooooove mermaids! Cats and mermaids, those are my two things 😀 So I hope you enjoy this super fast video of me drawing my favourite mythical creature.

As always I used my Wacom Intuos Manga drawing tablet and Photoshop CS6 to make this digital drawing.

This particular drawing is not perfect, there are some little straggly pixels here and there, but overall I think it turned out well. I like the overall look of the illustration, and I like the colour and the tone. I used a very dark green to ink, so I think that really added to the overall colour harmony of the piece.

I’m trying to get better with colour, and digital painting generally, but mostly colour, because for some reason it’s where I think I fall most short. I like sketching and creating characters, and being really rough and messy (in a totally PG way!), but it’s a chore for me to ink and colour. I’d like to think I’ve gotten much better with inking, but colour is still a bit of an illusive unicorn… ooh maybe I should draw a unicorn next?! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Here is the final product:

illustration speed drawing

Hope you all have a splendid weekend! Lots of underwater hugs! See you next week for more digital drawing.


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